All too often we’re in a hurry. Running here and there, too busy to slow down. We don’t take time to honor our Sacred Womb Space. It’s very important that we make time for a simple ritual that will bring us to a new awareness of ourselves as women. Fixing our collective womb, we can begin to travel, exploring the deeper realms of our femaleness. What a joy!

10) Along these lines, look like a professional. I know you believe the Camaro-mullet and Porn ‘stache (a straightforward yet tacky looking moustache commonly showcased in adult films of the 1970s and 80s) make you look like Dennis Eckersley; but they really make you seem like a Tijuana gas station attendant. Leave the jewelry at home also. As soon as Perv Mom break into The Show, you are able to grow back the hair, pierce your nose and start your own metal band. But while you’re trying to find a job in baseball, try to keep it clean.

Dave dived into the belief about letting down his team to discover it’s roots. Dave realized as the oldest of 5 children in a single parent home, he had been expected to help out with his younger brothers and sister while his Mother worked. Although he tried the best he could, Dave scarcely felt he was actually helping out his mother. Her comments only made him feel guilty that he was not able to help her enough. Because his teammates were like family to him, he cared so much about the group, those old familiar worries surfaced.

I chose as good a degree as my marks would let me, and that degree was Engineering/Nanotechnology. People just told me to go with what my marks would allow and what I enjoyed.

He failed to create an excitement level over his service or product. He didn’t even construct a mild interest amount. In actuality, his letter doesn’t even rate a twitch of the perfect eyebrow.

If you can maintain a show of puzzle, you’ll seem more exciting. Any woman who really wants to be seduced will appreciate some fun and if you reveal all about yourself then you leave her nothing to discover, and when I say discover I don’t mean that the 20 kids you had in 10 years to 15 different women! I mean aspects of your character that she would really like to see a little old fashioned romance. Small gestures that reveal just a tiny part of you; if it’s a little bit of’chivalry’ every now and again – a gentle kiss on her hands when she is expecting more, or sending her flowers with a Mother message inside when you know she’s dining with girlfriends. You want to appear as the guy a great deal of women would want.

You’re up all hours of the night playing video games as your family rests to go to work tomorrow. Does your dad get to play Xbox Live all night? Probably not. Because he pays your bills. So when you’re yelling at 4:00AM into your mic and your daddy has to wake up in two hours for work, don’t be surprised when he is not as enthusiastic as you about your mad skills when you’re inconsiderate online bitching wakes him up.

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